Andrea Degner


Real change comes from the work we do within ourselves. I truly believe you have the answers you are seeking within yourself, but may need help to find them. The work we will be doing together is important, and I want you to have the utmost confidence and trust in the therapeutic relationship we build. In our sessions, I like to take a positive approach to build that working relationship to set useful and attainable goals towards a mentally healthy lifestyle. By utilizing motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, I know we can make progress towards that final goal.

I am a fully licensed mental health practitioner and licensed clinical social worker. I have worked in Human Services with youth for 5 years and adults for 12 years. I have experience with both the juvenile and criminal court systems; as well as, 10 years working specifically with clients who struggle with substance abuse. I specialize in work with clients ages 13 and up, who may be struggling with Depression, Anxiety and mood disorders. I welcome all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. I graduated from University of Nebraska Omaha with a Master’s in Social Work. I really enjoy working with people, and it is a wonderful thing to witness the progress clients can make for the positive. I learn everyday from those people around me, including my clients.